What are animals, if not fun? That’s why we want to share all of our favourite animal resources and tidbits! We’d love to share your favourites as well, please call or email us with them!

Bored Panda – An online magazine with some very visual and creative articles. In particular, they have great animal and photography sections!

Animal Planet – This website is educational and fun, they use multimedia and quick facts to spark your interest in the animal kingdom!

National Geographic – This famous magazine has a wonderful animal section which continues to amaze us with its unique articles and discoveries!

Dog Shaming – This website is good for a laugh! Have a look and see what dog shames you and your pet can relate to!

Pawsitively Pets – A popular blog, written by veterinary technician Ann Staub, which shares her knowledge of animal husbandry and love of animals.

Cat Addicts Anony-mouse – Cat lovers must follow this Facebook page! Nothing too serious, just a lot of laughs and quirky photos of cats.