When searching for pet nutrition advice: don’t forget your vet!

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It’s hard to know what to feed your pet with all the information bombarding consumers these days. We all know, however, that an appropriate diet is essential to your pet’s health and well being. Drs. Cowper, Croft and Chen have many years of experience assessing the health of their patients.

Nutrition will have an impact on your pet whether it is young and growing, a healthy adult, an aging senior, chronically ill, or in recovery from surgery or disease. We would like to discuss the options with you. There are many prescription diets that are geared toward specific disease conditions but there are also terrific wellness diets that help manage weight, dental disease, skin conditions, arthritis and even senility! Some pets are just plain finicky and we can give you suggestions to help make dinnertime less stressful for you and your pet. Occasionally, clients prefer home cooking for their pet and we can provide useful references to ensure your pet’s meal is not only delicious but well balanced too!

Our hospital carries a variety of Veterinary Diets. These include both therapeutic and maintenance diets made available by the companies below.



Royal Canin

Pet Nutrition Resources:

Pet Food Nutrition – This website offers an unbiased approach to pet nutrition. It hopes to offer the public a basic understanding of our pet’s nutritional requirements and the ingredients commonly found in pet food.

Pet Poisons – Beware of feeding your pets people food! There are foods that are common to many households that pose a risk to cats and dogs; grapes, chocolate, yeast and garlic to name a few. READ MORE and LEARN how you can keep your pet safe!

Hilary’s Blend – If you wish to feed your pet a home-cooked diet, we highly recommend Hilary’s Blend Complete and Balanced recipes and supplement. Following these recipes ensures that the diet, while home-made, is balanced for your pet’s optimal health.

Raw Diets - We do not recommend pet owners feed a raw diet. There is very limited scientific research supporting the benefits of these diets and we believe the risks outweigh the benefits.

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