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Pet Insurance

Have you checked into Pet Insurance?

Almost all of us pay into home, health, auto and life insurance, but what about pet insurance?


Did you know that in 1982, the famous Collie; Lassie was the first dog in the United States to be insured under a pet insurance policy. Since then, many improvements have been made and numerous companies have surfaced to service the public’s growing need. Locally, common pet insurance companies include: Trupanion, Pets Plus Us, Petplan Pet Insurance, Petsecure, CAA Pet Insurance, OSPCA Pet Insurance and PC Pet Insurance.

Veterinary medical costs can vary greatly and emergency or referral treatment can be expensive. Pet insurance gives many pet owners great peace of mind as well as a cushion of financial support; this allows you to make the best decision for your pet. It is our experience that our clients with pet insurance coverage are willing, and able, to go the extra mile for their pet in their time of need. For these reasons and more, you may wish to look into pet insurance for your dog or cat.

Take a look at this link offered by the OVMA (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association) that discusses the pros, cons and FAQ’s of pet health insurance.

Here is another website that offers a detailed insight into pet insurance and how to go about finding the right policy for your pet. Here’s the Consumers Guide to Pet Insurance from NAPHIA’s website.