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What to Expect

When a new client calls to make an appointment with us, we will ask for the details about both the client and their pet. We always do our best to accommodate our clients’ schedules.

We call our clients the day before their scheduled appointment as a reminder. We may ask that you bring along a sample based on the appointment reason: for example, a stool sample in the case of diarrhea or a urine sample for atypical urinating habits.

We also ask that you call your previous veterinary hospital and ask to have the records faxed to us well ahead of your appointment time. This allows for better continuity of care for your pet.

Please ensure that your pet is leashed or in a carrier when you enter the hospital. We always have leashes or carriers available if you need one. This ensures the safety of your pet, as many of our patients are nervous or frightened in the hospital setting.

A receptionist will weigh your pet. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire that reviews your pet’s lifestyle and/or medical problems – this is an important part of your pet’s medical record and gives the veterinarian valuable information. You are also welcome to write down any questions or concerns you have at that time.

Generally, our clients are comfortable holding their pet while the veterinarian performs a complete physical examination. If however, you would prefer to have a veterinary assistant present to do this, please feel comfortable letting the veterinarian or receptionist know and we will be happy to accommodate your wishes. Similarly, if you know that your pet has a history of aggression (biting, growling, clawing) when it is examined in the veterinary hospital, please alert us to this fact ahead of time. We will do everything we can to minimize the stress experienced by your pet while maintaining your safety and that of our staff.